Polaris Snowmobile Lineup

From the backcountry to the trails, Polaris Snowmobiles delivers the ultimate in winter fun. Whether you are looking to start snowmobiling or have been riding for years, we've got a snowmobile and style that's right for you.


Embark on a Winter Adventure with Polaris Snowmobiles at Scranton Powersports

Discover the thrill of winter like never before with Polaris Snowmobiles, engineered for those who live for the rush of gliding through the winter elements. At Scranton Powersports, we offer the latest 2024 lineup, where each sled is a testament to Polaris' commitment to innovation, performance, and unrivaled experiences. Whether you're carving your path on the mountain trails or powering through the backcountry, our selection of Polaris snowmobiles is designed to elevate your winter adventures to new heights.


Tailored for Every Rider, Built for Every Journey

Your quest for the perfect ride ends here. From the adrenaline-fueled agility of the RMK® to the trail-conquering prowess of the INDY®, our Polaris snowmobiles cater to every style and experience level. The SWITCHBACK® models offer versatility for those who demand both on-trail reliability and off-trail exploration, while the TITAN® and VOYAGEUR® are the workhorses that bring both utility and fun to your snowy expeditions.